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Will these blowholes end the world?

Lasting impact ... data suggesting that huge vent holes in the frozen Siberian waste represent the escape of vast quantities of methane gas have climate scientists worried.

Howe Caverns: An upstate natural attraction that keeps caving alive

Walking through a mineral cave sitting 156 feet below ground and seeing limestone deposits that are several million years old bring a sense of gratification felt when discovering a place -- or anything, for that matter -- for the first time.

The heroes and wonders of Vietnam's Thac Bo Cave

Northern Vietnam's Thac Bo Cave holds wonders for the admirers of Vietnam's patriotic defenders as well as limestone marvels of all shapes and sizes.

Scientists to excavate Wyoming cave with trove of Ice Age fossils

A woman takes a picture of her son standing in front of the well preserved skeleton of a mammoth who lived in america over a million years ago exhibited at the museum of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Acapulco "Fuerte de San Diego", on July 16, 2014 in Acapulco, Mexico.

Natural Trap Cave: prehistoric lions, dire wolves, and bears, oh my

Bureau of Land Management cave specialist Bryan McKenzie rappels into Natural Trap Cave in north-central Wyoming during a cleanup expedition.


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Handicapped Ex-caver

I used to cave, then I got MS. Is there nothing an ex-caver can do but go away?

Posted by Carol Vendura on July 2, 2014 at 7:46am — 1 Comment

New Member Approval Delays

I would like to apologize for delays in approving new members. We are glad to have anyone interested in caving as a member, unfortunately over the last couple months we have been under heavy strain from spam registrations. I go through each members personal page and approve anyone who I believe is a real person and not a spammer.


We are receiving hundreds of spam membership requests daily which is causing delays in approval of real members. I am working to solve the problem…


Posted by Administrator on June 15, 2013 at 11:44am

NSS proposes digital NEWS

The NSS powers-that-be are considering taking the NSS NEWS digital and, while preserving the paper copies for those who want them, giving a discount for those who get an e-copy.

This is what Cleveland Grotto does with its CLEVE-O-GROTTO NEWS publication…offer a discount for those who take a digital copy. It works for us, but barely. If the goal of the NSS is to save money, it is a reasonable proposition. If the goal of the NSS is to stay in touch with its members, create good will,…


Posted by curt harler on March 20, 2013 at 3:02pm

Cave Rescue New Zealand style!

The TV3 Cave rescue News video is now on UTube! I managed to extract a Lo Res video out of my Satellite receiver and transferred it over to the net. Later on when I have some time I will edit all of the original files into a much longer and better HD quality video on UTube.…


Posted by PhotoPhill on February 11, 2013 at 10:00am

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Re: How many known caves in each state?

I would guess that Van Buren and White Counties, TN, rank quite highly, but it's been a while since I walked around and counted the caves. Again, this is only a guess. I had a look at my atlas, and Van Buren County is only about an inch big. Jackson is about four times it's size. I've been in about 8 caves in VBC, not too bad for one square inch, that's at least around 32,115,916,800 per square mile. Too bad VBC is so small...

Also, I wasn't reading this forum thirty-seven years ago when this topic was active, but since I'm mouthing off now I'll mention that the 216 number from Ohio is far too small. The problem (a genuine real-life tragedy) is that in states with no official survey, the "data custodians", if they exist, may not be actively seeking input from cavers, or may not be known to cavers. How many "known" caves? Depends on who you ask. I don't know what the NSS files for Ohio consist of, but I personally know of more than 216 Ohio caves, and have toured about 150 of them, including 100+ in one county alone.

Speleo Digest 1978 for sale

Have a 1978 Speleo Digest for sale, that's in excellent condition. Just like NEW. Let's do it like an auction, with a starting bid of $4 and go from there in 50-cent increments. Need to add $3.99 for postage, which is the book rate to most sites in the U.S. Whose going to be first? Closing date will be Tuesday, the 5th of August at 2100.

Re: How many known caves in each state?

wyandottecaver wrote:
The number of caves in a county is an approximate
indicator of the county's rank. What really counts to
cavers is the caves per square mile which tells you
if that county is really good caving terrain. The top
state is Tennessee with its 9285 caves but the
the top county is Alabama's Jackson with 1921
caves, however Jackson is a large county which
takes its cave density down a bit to about third in
the US.

So according to wyandottecaver, Jackson County, Alabama has the most caves of any county in the United States but it has the third highest cave density of any county in the United States. Does anyone know which counties have the second and first highest cave densities in the United States?

Re: Discovery in Jewel Cave?

The breakthrough was in the western branch of the cave, about 5 hours (roughly) from the entrance, one-way. An area near the Fitting Room was being pushed by Dan Austin, Rene Ohms, and Chris Pelczarski. They discovered a tight fissure heading off the map to the southwest of anything known previously, with significant airflow. The fissure almost ended, but Chris managed to do a tight squeeze up and over a breakdown block and into a parallel fissure that continued in two directions. A return trip on June 1st with Dan, Chris, Larry Shaffer and Ian Chechet surveyed South in one of these leads for 1,300 feet in mostly large, walking, multi-level fissures, some of which were 60 feet tall and up to 20 feet wide. They left multiple leads heading in every direction. And finally, the last trip on June 28th returned with Larry, Rene, and Chris and surveyed in two of these leads, accumulating another 1,080 feet of survey and left even more walking sized leads heading multiple directions. A return trip is planned for this Saturday, so more updates after then....

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CCG trip to McFails cave in New York

Central Connecticut Grotto caving trip to McFails cave in New York
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